Deepen Learning

Get Families Started

  • Overview
  • Curriculum

This course is for teachers who are new to Seesaw or have a beginner level of knowledge of Seesaw. This course will support you in getting your families started using Seesaw to engage them in the learning happening in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Engage families with student learning experiences
  • Invite families to connect
  • Create a welcome post


  • Welcome to Get Families Started with Seesaw
    • Welcome to Get Families Started
    • Navigating the course
    • The Learning Loop
    • Learning Outcomes
  • Engage Families with Student Learning Experiences
    • Family Engagement
    • Families Engage with Student Learning
    • The Family View of Seesaw
    • Translation Tools
  • Invite Families to Connect
    • How to Connect Families
    • Resources for families
  • Create a Welcome Post in Seesaw
    • Get Families Excited
    • Create Welcome Post
  • Course Wrap Up
    • Resources
    • Congratulations!
  • LevelBeginner
  • Duration 25 minutes