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How the Seesaw Learning Hub Works

Step 01

Create A Learning Account

Use your Seesaw email address to create an account in our Learning Hub!
Step 02

Start With The Basics

Start with the Getting Teachers Started Pathway to learn Seesaw basics!
Step 03

Your Skills

Go beyond the basics and explore ways to deepen engagement in the Deepen Learning Pathway!
Step 04

Become A Seesaw Pioneer

Join other Seesaw users in our Seesaw Learning Community to connect and collaborate!
  • 01 Getting Started
  • 02 Deepen Learning
  • 03 Specialists
  • 04 The Seesaw Library
  • 05 Seesaw Community
  • 06 Administrators
Learning Pathways

Getting Started

This pathway is for teachers who are new to Seesaw. This pathway will get teachers up and running on Seesaw to create engaging learning experiences that make thinking and learning visible.
  • Starting Your Seesaw Journey
  • Integrating Seesaw Into Your Instructional Routines
  • NEW Seesaw Messages
  • Personalizing Learning Experiences
  • The Seesaw Learning Loop
Learning Pathways

Deepen Learning

This pathway is for teachers who are comfortable using Seesaw. This pathway offers a refresh of Seesaw skills and highlights new features while pushing participants to think about new and creative ways to deepen student learning with Seesaw.
  • What's New In Seesaw
  • Organization With Folders
  • Actionable Feedback
  • NEW Seesaw Messages
  • Progress and Skills
Learning Pathways


This pathway is for specialist teachers who are new to Seesaw. This pathway offers best practices for how specialist teachers should set up classes and specialist teacher-specific ideas for how to use Seesaw in their content area!
  • Setting Up Your Specialist Class
  • View Example Activities for Specialist classes
  • Organization for Specialist Teachers
  • Communicating With Families
Learning Pathways

The Seesaw Library

This pathway is for teachers who want to learn how to use the Seesaw Library to support learning in their classrooms. After learning the basics of Seesaw Lessons, teachers engage with any topic of interest.
  • Introduction to the Seesaw Library
  • Instructional Routines With Seesaw Lessons
  • Use Seesaw Lessons In Your Classroom
  • Tracking Progress On Seesaw Lessons
Learning Pathways

Seesaw Community

Join the Seesaw Learning Community to connect and collaborate with other Seesaw users!
  • Gain access to exclusive resources
  • Share how you are using Seesaw
  • Collaborate with other Seesaw users
Learning Pathways


Learn how to support Seesaw usage at your school or district!
  • Set Up Classes
  • Clean Up Data
  • End the Year Strong