Learning Pathway

The Seesaw Library

  • Overview
  • Curriculum

This pathway is for teachers who wish to learn more about the Seesaw Library. This pathway supports teachers in understanding how to use the Seesaw Library to support learning in their classrooms. After learning the basics of the Seesaw Library, teachers engage with any topic of interest.

Learning Outcomes

  • Seesaw Library introduction
  • How to Find and Assign lessons from the Seesaw Library
  • Best Practices for using curriculum from Seesaw
  • Tracking Progress on Seesaw


Seesaw for Schools User

Target Audience

  • Teachers who are comfortable using Seesaw and wish to learn more about the Seesaw Library.

Important Notice About This Curriculumn

We recommend completing the trainings in order! Follow the pathway all the way to the end to learn how to get the most out of your Lessons subscription!


  • 4 Courses
  • Introduction to the Seesaw Library
    • Welcome to the Seesaw Library Pathway
    • What are Seesaw Lessons
    • Collection Overview
    • Course Wrap-Up
  • Get Started with the Seesaw Library
    • Course Introduction
    • Navigating the Seesaw Library
    • Components of a Lesson
    • The Lesson Plan
    • Assigning Lessons
    • Course Wrap-Up
  • Integrating Seesaw Lessons into Your Classroom Routines
    • Course Introduction
    • Instructional Routines
    • Other Ways to Use Lessons
    • Course Wrap-Up
  • Tracking Progress of Seesaw Lessons
    • Course Introduction
    • Show What You Know
    • Tagging Skills
    • Tracking Mastery Using Progress
    • Course Wrap-Up
  • Level All Levels
  • Duration 15 min/course
  • Course 4 courses