Learning Pathway

Get Started with Seesaw

  • Overview
  • Curriculum

This pathway is for teachers who are new to Seesaw. This pathway will get teachers up and running on Seesaw to create engaging learning experiences that make thinking and learning visible.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate the Class Journal
  • Use Seesaw Activities to capture and document learning
  • Teach students how to use Seesaw
  • Teacher vs. student vs. family experiences
  • Invite families and develop strong partnerships with Seesaw


Seesaw for Schools User
New to Seesaw

Target Audience

  • Teachers brand NEW to Seesaw

Important Notice About This Curriculum

We recommend completing all courses in this pathway in order to ensure you learn all the Seesaw basics!


  • 5 Courses
  • Starting Your Seesaw Journey
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Why Seesaw?
    • Activate Your Account
    • Navigating the Seesaw Journal
    • Save and Assign Activities
    • Sharing Activities
    • Get Students Started on Seesaw
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Personalizing Learning Experiences with Seesaw
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Create a Seesaw Activity
    • Organize Activities
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Integrating Seesaw into your Instructional Routines
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Whole Group Practices
    • Centers/Stations/Rotations
    • Independent Practice
    • Course Wrap-up
  • The Seesaw Learning Loop
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Get Families Connected on Seesaw
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Seesaw Messages
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Messages in Your Classroom
    • Messages Student Experience
    • Free Seesaw Users
    • Messages Updates
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Level New to Seesaw
  • Time 15-30 min/course
  • Courses 5 courses