Learning Pathway

Deepen Learning with Seesaw

  • Overview
  • Curriculum

This pathway is for teachers who are comfortable using Seesaw. This pathway offers a refresh of Seesaw skills and highlights new features while pushing participants to think about new and creative ways to deepen student learning with Seesaw.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand new features in Seesaw
  • Learn to use folders to organize learning and see progress over time
  • Use Progress and Skills to track engagement and mastery
  • Learn to give feedback that is actionable in Seesaw


Seesaw for Schools User
Understands Seesaw Basics

Target Audience

  • Teachers who have used Seesaw and are eager to learn more.

Important Notice About This Curriculumn

After completing the first module, you can then choose any additional module in any order.


  • 5 Courses
  • What's New in Seesaw
    • Welcome
    • One App and Student Groups
    • Introduction to Seesaw Messages
    • Seesaw and Canvas Integration
    • Seesaw Lessons
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Seesaw Messages
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Messages in Your Classroom
    • Messages Student Experience
    • Free Seesaw Users
    • Messages Updates
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Organization in Seesaw with Folders
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Create and Manage Folders
    • Tag Posts and Activities to Folders
    • See Growth Over Time with Folders
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Progress and Skills in Seesaw
    • Welcome and Course Introduction
    • Adding, Tagging, and Rating Skills
    • Progress Skills View
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Actionable Feedback in Seesaw
    • Welcome to Actionable Feedback
    • 3 Ways to Provide Actionable Feedback in Seesaw
    • Get Students Involved in Giving Feedback
    • Get Families Involved in Giving Feedback
    • Course Wrap-up
  • Level All Levels
  • Time 75 min
  • Courses 5 courses